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Our Driving Instructor Vehicles

Think Safe, Drive Safe and Pass the Test first GO


Safety is the main concern for both Our Driving Instructors and Students

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What is Our Driving Instructor's Vehicle?

AUS Driving School’s cars are modern with air-conditioning, power steering and dual control for safety and comfortable to learn in. Our cars are hatch back vehicles and easy for parking. Additionally our driving instructor’s vehicles are easy and fun to drive.

All of our cars are well maintained from the day they are purchased to the day they are retired. This assures that only quality parts and services are provided, guaranteeing the absolute safest vehicle for  instructors and students. These added expenses for us add up to the best quality available to you.

How We Maintain our Driving Instructor Car

How much We concern about Safey

When it comes to teen drivers’ safety, the most important thing is to provide a teen driver with a safe and reliable automobile. We take pride in our vehicles for the safety, comfort and all around ease of use. We do not take the decision of what car to use lightly. We feel that safety is a far greater concern. If we don’t feel safe in the vehicle then we wouldn’t consider putting your child in it. Once we have selected our vehicle we go to great lengths, far beyond what any other driving school will do, to make it the safest vehicle for learning. We have added our own Safety First custom design dual-control system. Our design has both a dual brake pedal and a dual accelerator. This unique system guarantees the instructor can take full control of the car if necessary. All cars also have a dual mirror installed to give the instructors a view of behind the car so they can assist the student with lane changes and merging techniques.

These are the safety gears for all of our cars:


  • Dual Brake pedals
  • Dual Clutch pedals
  • Dual Accelerator pedals
  • Dual Rear view mirrors

Safety Gear in Our Driving Instructor Vehicles

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