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Driving Lessons Courses Perth

We will help you to be a safe driver on the road and pass your test .


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We offer the driving lessons in Perth to suit your need.

Every student is different.


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We are dedicated to provide the best and professional lessons to our students. We are so confident that our driving lessons will give you more confidence on the road, be a safer driver and achieve your goals.

Beginner Driving Course

Beginner course

AUS Driving School is pleased to offer lessons for a complete beginner or have some previous driving experience in the past. We will assess your driving skill and teach you from a stage that suitable. Each lesson is 60 minutes long. Having 5 lessons within 3 weeks give you a good foundation of how to safely manage a vehicle on the road. After 3 weeks, one lesson weekly will give you more understanding of road rules, judgment, and think safely on the road. If you make sense, everything is very easy!!! We will try to teach in way that you can understand and make sense to you. We are happy to help until you pass your driving test.

Retest Driving Course

Previous test failure course

AUS Driving School is here to help students who had a driving test before and did not get through with the other school. We will assess your driving skill and knowledge of road rules. We can find out what your good at and your weakness of your driving. We will give you the best suggestion to improve your driving skill. We will work with you to pass your driving test. Remember: Think Safe, Drive Safe and Pass the test on the first GO. Safe Driver pass!!!

Auto to manual Driving Course

Auto to Manual Conversion course

AUS Driving School offers lessons to students who have an automatic licence and need to convert to Manual Licence. We teach you to understand about the clutch. What you can and can’t do in the driving test. We will find out your bad habits that you might have. We will work with you to get your manual licence. It should not be too long get it through.

Oversea Driving Course

Oversea Licence Conversion course

AUS Driving School can help the oversea driver to pass the PDA test. We will help you to improve and understanding the road rules and regulation in Western Australian. We can asset your diving skill and tackle the driving problems. Ultimately, we will show you the “Rules and understand of the PDA test”.

Country Driving Course

Intensive Training course

AUS Driving School can offer the Intensive Driver Training. This courses is designed for who want to pass the driving test in short period of time. If you have no experience in driving in past, it is possible to get it done in 6 weeks. It can be done for automatic and manual training. You will need to get 2 double lessons weekly for 6 week period course. Total lesson is 24 lessons. We will work with you to plan for lessons and the driving test that is suitable.

Country Driving Course

Re-Test Due to Loss of Licence course

If you had lost your driving licence and you need to do the driving test to get back your licence. We can give you the current information about the driving test to pass your test in fist Go. We can assess you and find out the bad habits that you have.

Country Driving Course

Country Driving course

AUS Driving School can offer the country driving who want to gain experience on the country road. This course takes 5 hours long trip including break time. We will cover Road Trip Planning, Vehicle Preparation, Vehicle Dynamics, Tight Winding Hilly road, extended all round observation, bitumen and gravel, safecornering lines and emergency braking.

Country Driving Course

Parking course

Do you have a difficulty in how to do parking? We will teach you how to park. We are not just teaching how but also how you think and what you need to aware of in parking. You will be learning how to make decision in different situations. We will teach you forward parking left and right, reverse parking left and right and ultimately, reverse parallel parking.

Country Driving Course

Log-Booking Driving course

AUS Driving School can help you with the supervised log book hours driving. We will gain more Experiences from different situations. We will leaning more on city driving, country driving, freeway driving. If you are doing 25 hours log-hours with us, we have the best package deal. Please look up our pricing section

Freeway Driving Course

Freeway & City Driving course

AUS Driving School can help you get more confidence of driving on Freeway and City driving. This course will cover all aspect of driving in freeway: On and off ramps, merging and lane changing, Freeway speed, awareness and anticipation of other drivers on the road, braking distance, Dealing Tailgaters, Managing Pedestrians, high Density Traffic Zone in the city area.

Instructor Course

Instructor Training course

AUS Driving School can offer a Driving Instructor Training Course. Our course offers candidates a practical and hands on approach on teaching to the newer drivers. We can give you the right direction to get your instructor licence. Duration of the course is vary person to person. Generally,this course will take 10 hours Lesson. You will only pay for the training that you need. At the end of the course, you will need to take a driving test with the Department of Transport.
There is another way to get your instructor licence. You can get your CERTIFICATE IV in TRANSPORT & LOGISTICS (ROAD TRANSPORT – CAR DRIVING INSTRUCTION) TLI41210 is the current qualification required by the WA Department of Transport that includes of the practical and theory assessment required as part of the driver instructor licence application. This training will take 2 weeks.
If you want to know more about the training, Please contact to us. We will give you the right direction to get your instructor licence.

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